The last few years have heralded a new chapter in filmmaking with the advent of DSLR camera technology and its been been exhilarating journey for many of us. It has given life to a pioneering spirit that has sent many on a voyage of exploration into the growing possibilities of what this technology allows filmmakers to do.

Our whole ethos is one of collaboration, just as the technology to capture images evolves so too does the way in which we consume them. As you would expect we are exploring innovative ways of creating content but we are also exploring the most inventive ways of displaying and digesting multimedia as well.

Converge is currently in a state of change before forming its next incarnation, in the mean time stay up to date and in touch with the community through our twitter account and our team of speakers a guest bloggers. They are an eclectic bunch, they all have one thing in common, they embrace technology and use it to further their creative vision.

Please be patient and keep in touch: